Eucalyptus hair + body oil

Eucalyptus hair + body oil

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Eucalyptus Bestseller! Favorite for expecting mommas**

About this scent:

Eucalyptus is a mind easing Aroma therapy blend! This spa like oil will bring the full experience right into your own home by adding a fresh eucalyptus scent. Just a few drops will complete your relaxation routine.

How to use:

•RELAX - add one dropper to your bath water to enjoy added moisture, and aroma therapy.

•HAIR - Use daily. squeeze rubber top to fill dropper. Drop directly into scalp, then massage for 2 minutes. Smooth excess oil onto strands of hair. Adjust application amount according to personal needs.

•SKIN + Belly - Use daily. No more than 5 minutes after shower, or bath. On dampened skin, apply oil until desired softness, and shine. This lightweight oil spreads evenly, and absorbs into the skin leaving behind a light glow.

 •BONUS - Warm a small amount of our spectacular Eucalyptus  oil and enjoy the softening effect of a warm massage.

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