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If your waiting for a perfect time to do something.... to start that business, or to apply for that new (higher paying) job - don't. Don’t wait until the perfect time, because the truth is, there’s never gonna be a time that feels just right. My montra as of late is start at the beginning, It’s kind of a given because at any point when you choose to start it will be the beginning. We all know what comes with that. Fumbling, uncertainty, and feelings of doubt, but that’s normal. Feeling something new out will be different, and hopefully... if it’s something you want, you’ll choose to endure the begin ( it’s all apart of the process) , because improvement is inevitable!! Consistency is the key.

 I’ve found that the longer I wait to do something the more likely it becomes that I’ll talk my self out of it. So start now. Decide that you are capable, confident, and worthy. 

peace and love

- Courtney 

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